Ricardo Guillén Velázquez

Painting of Ricardo Guillén Velázquez FIGHT

FIGHT by Ricardo Guillén Velázquez

Ricardo Guillén Velázquez was born in February of 1977, in Mexico.
He studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Nuevo Mundo (New World University), where he developed the skills for creating three dimensional objects in series.
His passion for art since childhood leads him to create many functional objects during his studying years.
Upon finishing college, he finds himself immersed in a troubled market, collapsed by the political and economic situation of the country that leads him to try new areas of communication, working on the radio, show business (producing events), social communication (in charge of the political campaign for the governor of Oaxaca running for the first indigenous party of Latin America, the Partido Unidad Popular). Later, with the boom on housing investments, he gets involved in the design, construction, supervision and sales of the development of luxurious homes in the area of Polanco, in Mexico City.


Upon finishing this endeavor, in the year 2007, he works for a long period in a local television channel property of the Salinas Group in the state of Chiapas.
It is through this work that he gets a chance to develop his audiovisual and mass communication skills, something that is closer to his passion for artistic mediums. It is because of his public relations and commercial abilities that he is able to develop private and governmental initiatives; supporting political campaigns for members of the entity.
With a more experimental drive, he takes a turn in his life, getting involved in a variety of artistic disciplines through the visual and musical arts.
From this moment on, he will dedicate 100% of his life to three important areas: Sculpture, Painting and Music. At the begging of 2015, he is admitted in the Community of the Garden of Art for his work in sculpture with recycling materials in which he merges a particular vision of the bio diversity by producing sculptures with everyday used objects such as containers or wrapping pieces.

Painting of Ricardo Guillén Velázquez QUEENMUM

QUEENMUM by Ricardo Guillén Velázquez

Live Paint

Painting of Ricardo Guillén Velázquez FIGHT

Ricardo Guillén Velázquez

Ricardo Guillén Velázquez was invited to participate in a Live Paint homage to the New York artist Phillip Bragar where he had a chance to intertwine with great artists of the contemporary Mexican scene.
He is now in close relations with established artist that visit him in the S-Link studio. This is the approval that helped him establish his assurance of being in the right path.
As some of this collaborations with established artists, he develops and produces the “Style Week Mexico” together with fashion designer Sergio Alcalá, known for being the youngest fashion designer to debut in a Fashion Week. The Style Week Mexico includes food, fashion, furniture, interior design and visual arts. A very trendy proposal where S-Link´s recycled sculptures fit right in.


Out of his friendship with forefront artists from his country, such as Aranza AXR and Gomaga, both of them known for their paintings visible through 3D glasses, he collaborates in individual exhibits.
He co-developed different events at the Centro de Cultura Digital (Cultural Digital Center) joined by music bands and audiovisual projects and distinguished artists from the Centro Nacional de las Artes, (National Center of the Arts) generating an exciting entertainment proposal.
In November 2016, he is invited to exhibit in Bogotá, Colombia at the “Antidoto” (antidote) event, were he shares the exhibit with some of the most renown Street Art and Graffiti Colombian artists. Having sold all his pieces, he gladly acknowledges the impact of recycling art today.

Sculpture from Ricardo Guillén Velázquez EMPAQUES

EMPAQUES by Ricardo Guillén Velázquez

Passion for Painting

Painting of Ricardo Guillén Velázquez QUEENMUM2

QUEENMUM2 by Ricardo Guillén Velázquez

In his spare time, he pursues his passion for painting, creating pieces he sells in Spain with good acceptance.
In 2017, Ricardo Guillén Velázquez is invited as special guests at Taller Canela (workshop specializing in clay and Oaxacan mud) with teacher Gerónimo, a disciple of the renowned Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo.
At the beginning of 2018 he moves to Barcelona where he is fortunate to meet the artistic producer Yousef Anden for whom he works and with whom he shares a great vision that leads them to create the Business Club Hedges & Buttler. He is currently working in new pieces that will be included in different venues and new H&B sites.